Memorable Montage - Your Photos in Motion

How The Process Works
Photo Selection - Any sizes may be used.  All photographs must be removed from any frames or photo albums.
  • Number the Photos - Line up your photos in order to see the story develop. 
  • Length - Each photo remains on the screen for approximately 6 seconds, we can lengthen or shorten the amount of time the photo is displayed on screen, therefore, you may consider an average of 10 photos per minute. There is no limit to how many photos you can use. Example: using a 6 second display for approximately 200 photos your average length of the montage will be approximately 15-20 minutes. Keep this in mind when choosing your music.
  • Design - If you would like chapters in your montage, separate your photos into groups to convey a clear message of Family trips, Weddings, Getting to know each other, etc. Place your titles between each group of photos (sections) to define the next segment. Let us know what type of backgrounds to use; we can place a solid color background, a graphic or no background at all.
  • Music - Prepare a list of music that is most meaningful to you. Starting with #1 as the most meaning ful the 2nd meaningful, etc. 
  • Arrangement - Categorize your photos, keep your photos grouped in envelopes labeling each envelope with segment name, total number of photos and there numbered sequence. 
  • DVD & Case - We will customize the DVD disk and case with the photo of your choice.
  • Appointment - Call to arrange an appointment so we can pick up and go over the materials to be used.  We know how priceless your photos are and we will take the utmost care while working with them. A Non-refundable deposit of 50% will be due at this time.
  • Preview - Once we have completed your montage, we will call you for a preview, this is the time you will want to look for any photos that need to be added, deleted, re-arranged or music that needs to be changed. We will also have for your review the DVD disk picture and case. If there is anything that is not to your satifaction, this is the time to let us know before the final process.
  • Final Process - After your preview and satified with your completed montage, your final payment for the balance will be due. Should you decide if you’re in need of additional copies, we will be more than happy to provide them for you at an additional cost.